Meet our new colleague!

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Meet Sam, Compliance specialist at ibanXS!

Sam is 28 years old and comes from Oudemolen, a small village in the Dutch countryside. He studied law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with masters specialising in business and financial law. In his spare time, Sam likes to do sports. Besides fitness and running, you can find him on the mat twice a week for an hour and a half of Kung Fu. Furthermore, Sam enjoys taking walks with his Rottweiler Baco or spending time with friends at the terraces.

After Sam finished his studies, he was looking for a new challenge in which he can use his acquired knowledge. He has found this challenge as a compliance specialist at ibanXS. Together we will work on the further growth of our company. As a compliance specialist, Sam will do the onboarding of new customers, so that malicious and criminal parties are excluded. In addition, he will also contribute to transaction monitoring on our clients for any suspicious transactions.

Sam’s goal is:
“Preventing financial crime and collectively growing ibanXS into a great success in the financial markets.”