Account information service

Reading information without intervention

The European payments landscape has been reshaped since the introduction of SEPA and PSD2/Open Banking. Driven by demand from businesses and consumers across Europa, they have simplified access to account information for businesses and consumers (AIS).


The direct connection we establish with the banks’ account systems. THe information is read directly from the bank account without intervention.

Our clients using the ibanXS Account Information Service have access to their real-time bank account information regardless of the bank used in any of the 30 European countries we serve. PSD2/Open Banking means that the payer authorises the payment in his own trusted and familiar banking environment. And this is ‘easy account access’, offered for example to accounting software, credit assessment tools or money management apps in Fintech.


Before any data is read from the account, the account holder consents to the access within his familiar banking environment.
We support three models for these so-called Strong Customer Authorisations (SCA):


In the redirect model, the account holder is led from the client application directly to the bank portal to log in and consent of access.


In the decoupled model, the authorisation takes place from the mobile banking app. Both modes are very convenient for the account holder: he performs the authorisations in his familiar banking environment.


For a minority of banks that do not support both modes, we offer an embedded mode where authentication and authorisation takes place in the client application or in our ibanXS user interface. With this we support complete white labelled client solutions.

Before being directed to the banking environment, the account holder selects his bank from a list of available banks per country. The presentation of this list can be handled in the client application or in our ibanXS user interface. The look and feel of the ibanXS user interface can be adapted to the interface of the client application.

Each consent is initiated with some mandatory data, such as the scope and duration of the desired access.

Most banks do not require to provide account holder data. If they are not provided, the account holder selects the accounts to be accessed in their banking environment after logging in when giving consent. In this way, they do not have to enter account details outside their familiar banking environment.


After giving consent, the status and account data can be retrieved by the client application in two ways: with or without the presence of the account holder.

Unattended mode

In unattended mode the data is made available by the bank for a maximum number of requests per day.

Attended mode

In attended mode, no limitations apply.

This is useful for displaying the latest account details and status when the account holder enters statements in the client application.

The consent status can be queried to understand the validity of the consent, the expiry period and the maximum number of requests allowed per day for unattended access.


We support the retrieval of account data, balances and transaction history for all member banks.

After authorisation, the balance and transaction history can be retrieved for a period of 90 or 180 days. Account history can also be queried for transactions over the past 90 days, up to several years. Both the validity of the consent and length of the history period depend on the characteristics of the bank.

The account data is delivered up-to-date and returned in a split second. This offers innovative possibilities to process your payments quickly and immediately,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A very convenient innovation is the ability to generate consent links, which can be shared by the client application in, for example, WhatsApp messages, QR codes, or consent renewal buttons in apps or emails. When the consent links are created, an expiry date is set. For each consent given, the client application immediately receives a notification. Convenient for the account holder: as long as the consent link has not expired, it can be used as often as desired to always have open access for the client application to the account data.


Our clients have access to a special dashboard, where the statistics of all processed account data queries are available. The user can zoom in on each processed query, including statuses, account details and error situations. This indispensable tool gives your support control over all account detail queries. The dashboard also provides a clear insight into the performance of our platform, because we believe in transparency. 


Our platform performs automated health checks on all connected banks on a daily basis, ensuring that we keep all connections live and up to date. This innovative tool ensures high uptime of our connections with all banks across Europe.


An unmissable tool for every developer is our SDK. We have developed an easy-to-integrate module that enables hassle-free integration with our platform API. This way, your application can make use of our powerful platform features in no time. The SDK comprises an online manual, with Try-It mode, downloadable YAML/Postman collection, demo environments and dashboard access.

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