The ideal way to make
payments via your bank

ibanXS is the partner for PSPs for Account to Account Payments (PIS).

In the Netherlands, the local payment method iDEAL is currently still a favourite. The limitations of the current iDEAL are being addressed with a major renewal:
‘the new iDEAL’,  also known as iDEAL 2.0.

fIf you want to take advantage of all product features and benefits TODAY, you use ibanXS’ Payment Services. The scope of our solution is ahead of the yet-to-be-developed iDEAL services.

Our solution is cost effective and easy to implement.

For your convenience, here is a comparison between ibanXS Payment Services and the new iDEAL:

Easy integration for PSPs

ibanXS is easy to integrate.
We have all the tools available

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