Flow Your Money chooses ibanXS as PSD2 Open Banking platform

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[The Netherlands, 3 March 2021] The Dutch startup Flow Your Money has chosen ibanXS as their pan-European PSD2/Open Banking-platform for Payment Initiation and Account Information Services.

Flow’s clients can now benefit from reaching more than 1.500 European banks through the ibanXS platform, whose banking coverage is growing constantly, with the aim to reach all over 5000+ European banks.

Niels Mulder, COO and founder of Flow: Flow and ibanXS are made for each other. We complement each other 100%. Our app has the functionality and ibanXS has a large reach of banks. With this partnership we can service many more consumers in a short time with access to their own bank. First in the Netherlands, but soon after in all of Europe. Together with ibanXS we see a bright future!

Edy Bruinooge, CCO and co-founder of ibanXS: This partnership proves why PSD2 Open Banking has an enormous added value in the daily life of European citizens and entrepreneurs. Customers of all European banks will soon be able to use the financial services of Flow Your Money and therefore become more financially resilient. 

I am very honored that Flow has chosen our platform, in a short time we have shown that ibanXS is the partner when it comes to access to ibans. We are still expanding our reach and always where our clients need it.

About Flow

Flow is a remote FinTech startup. Based in the Netherlands with team members across Europe. Flow is a payment institution with both an Account Information Service (AIS) and Payment Initiation Service (PIS) license from The Dutch Central Bank.

Flow automates your bank accounts. Set up smart rules that divide your money as it comes in. When your salary comes in, send €1000 to your bills account, 20% to savings, fill your groceries budget to €200. You name it!

For freelancers, Flow can help out calculating how much VAT and income tax you should set aside to avoid negative surprises. With Flow you can create your own financial autopilot.

About ibanXS

ibanXS was founded in 2019 in The Hague area, The Netherlands. The company aims to enable partners to gain access to European banks and Identity providers. By combining all open market services in the platform, they realize simplicity, security, and unified access. ibanXS’s ambition is to remove barriers between European countries and make the payment landscape accessible to all citizens and businesses in Europe. ibanXS is a licensed payment institution.