Payments via Open Banking, the ibanXS solution for Crypto companies

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The payment landscape has become much richer through PSD2 and Open Banking. 

More than 1,500 banks are already connected via the ibanXS platform, which means that millions of consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece etc. etc. have access to their bank accounts. The added value for Crypto companies that want to offer transactions is obvious.

So, if you are a Crypto company that wants to have money from a participant credited to their own account, then you can use very expensive payment methods such as Credit Cards, PayPal, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, wire transfers etc. etc.

You can also use an “ibanXS Payment Initiation” !

Apart from the competitive pricing compared to existing payment methods, the advantages are numerous. The three most important ones I have described below:

  1. Trusted payment for consumers
    Through the ibanXS Payment Initiation, the consumer enters his or her trusted banking environment where he or she signs the transfer in their own customary way.
  2. Direct payment
    The transfer is carried out immediately and is debited directly to the consumer. If the bank uses Instant Payments, which a lot of banks do these days!, the crediting is also direct.
  3. 100% recognizable for consumers
    The ibanXS payment is completely white labelled and can therefore be styled according to your wishes. For example, you can integrate the transfer into your own environment (app or platform), so that the customer gets 100% of the experience you want to give.

And last but not least, an extra advantage:

  • Our pricing is many times better than the current payment methods and is calibrated to the volumes you indicate. The more volume you offer, the lower the price per transaction. That can even be ‘a few cents’…

How does it work for you?

You can easily use the ibanXS Payment Initiation for the ‘To and/or From-payments’ to your own platform. 

Either you initiate a payment from the consumer bankaccount, the To-payment, or you initiate a payment from your own bankaccount, the From-payment. The To-payment has as debtor the consumer and as creditor you, the crypto company. The From-payment is of course vice-versa.  

ibanXS has her own PSD2-license with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) passported to all European countries. So, no need for additional licenses for you to use this payment method.

What you do in your own environment, trading of crypto-currencies, is outside of our scope.


We at ibanXS welcome Crypto companies with open arms and are ready to process their transactions. Please email us at Hello for a demo and an appointment.

And even if you are not a Crypto company and want to do transactions, you are of course also very welcome!