New year, new us, new opportunities: BankXS is now ibanXS

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The beginning of a new year always brings new resolutions and new opportunities. For us, it brought a new name, a new brand identity, and a new website aimed to reflect our company’s evolution and business development.

As the payments space is constantly evolving, we’re steadily developing and improving our offering to meet our clients’ needs. Thus, our brand identity had to reflect this state of affairs.

We loved our name, BankXS – bank access, that’s what we do; it is our essence and our goal. However, in order for us to be entirely functional on the market, we have to comply with a specific Dutch law that prohibits the use of the word “bank” in the company name without having a full banking license.

We realized that every challenge has a silver lining and that the way we would look at this roadblock would define who we are, as a company and as people. We pride ourselves in working in the cooperative domain, not competing with the market, and this was a good opportunity to show that we are ok with the stance we’re taking – not posing as a bank, nor as a payment provider. We are not a competitor of any of them; we are their connection. Therefore, what we needed was a name that would put us out there, tell the world of payments that we are in the business of access and that we are neither a “pay” nor a “bank” company. We’re merely their friend.

We brainstormed many names and felt like none of them represented us. And then, Hans Vermeijs, our CEO, had a spark of genius – “what if we show that we actually grant access to the bank account, to the IBAN? IBAN + XS – ibanXS!”

Eureka! The name was so fun – sounded new, and yet it was close to what we already do. With the new name, we now have a cool new logo and a new website. This change has also brought a new vibe in our team: the courage to try new things and the power to look at challenges and milestones as a way to improve our services and ourselves. The goal of the new website is to offer a better overview of the offering and its features. In addition, we will regularly publish news, company announcements of new features and background information, and more, in order to keep website visitors informed of developments within the company and the payments space. 

We are now prepared and open to provide your PSD2 access to 5000+ European banks and millions of bank accounts. We have an amazing support team, both technical and media, and we are ready to make 2020 the year of PSD2 access all throughout Europe.

If you’re interested in a live demo or just want to talk about your company and the needs that ibanXS can fulfill, drop us a line at, or contact directly our insightful and experienced CCO Edy Bruinooge at

 “We are very happy with our new name and will proudly carry it from now on.” Edy Bruinooge, CCO of ibanXS.

Thank you for being part of the BankXS story and help us write history together with ibanXS.

The IbanXS team