Opaay, formally known as The Open Banking Portal (TOBP), chooses ibanXS as its PSD2 Open Banking platform

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[The Netherlands, June 1, 2021] London based Service provider, Opaay has chosen ibanXS as their pan-European PSD2 / Open Banking platform. In doing so, they secure access to more than 1,550 European banks on the ibanXS platform. 
Opaay can use this to enroll its clients in payments throughout Europe, regardless of which bank the payer uses. And if a bank is not yet present on the ibanXS platform, it is quickly connected by the dedicated ibanXS team. ibanXS has a PSD2-license from the Dutch Central Bank, passported throughout Europe, to offer payment initiation and account information services. 

The Open Banking Portal (TOBP) have rebranded and is now called Opaay.
Opaay provide access and technical connection to the global Open Banking environment for merchants, banks, payment gateways etc. As well as processing bank transactions (via ibanXS) they also license, white label and provide their technology on a SaaS basis. Their solution can be run internally or on the Cloud.
Virtually any ancillary service can be integrated including; KYC, KYB, AML. Anti-fraud, FX, AutoPay for automated sharing of revenue, Mass Payouts, Merchant Controlled Hosted Payment Page, AI powered Revenue Maximiser and many more.

The Opaay solution in partnership with ibanXS is live from Tuesday 1st June 2021 for clients to start benefiting from and can be accessed by visiting https://opaay.io

Andy Acton, CEO Opaay says, “The choice to partner with ibanXS was a simple one. Their  connections to a range of banks matches our needs perfectly, and where we require a bank that they do not yet have on the ibanXS platform, this  is immediately remedied. Their market leading offering, excellent service and cooperation is a great fit for us and importantly for Opaay users. By teaming with ibanXS we can now provide our clients looking for EU payment facilities excellent coverage and service.  I’m excited about the future partnership with ibanXS and what we can deliver for our customers. Opaay is ready for the future with ibanXS!”

Edy Bruinooge, CCO and co-founder ibanXS said, “Opaay is a natural partner for ibanXS and our first international client outside our home country of The Netherlands. It shows that we practice what we preach here at ibanXS: we are the pan-European PSD2 Open Banking platform and not just a local Dutch solution. The integration with the professionals of Opaay went so quick, it promises a golden partnership from which Opaay’s clients will benefit immensely. And that is our goal at ibanXS..!”

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For Opaay: Rob Atkin, CIO and Founder (left-up) and Andy Acton, CEO (right-down)
For ibanXS: Hans Vermeijs, CEO (left-down) and Edy Bruinooge, CCO (right-up)