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Connecting with banks: milestones and learning points – Interview with Hans Vermeijs

In order to help our clients expand reach throughout Europe, connecting with banks and maintaining a healthy connection is imperative. Our goal is to offer a simple and unified platform for all our clients, regardless of the banks they want to connect with, and connections that work and follow through daily. How do we manage this? We interviewed Hans Vermeijs, CEO and technical expert, to discover his learning points from connecting with banks over the past year.

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The story of ibanXS – Interview with Hans Vermeijs and Edy Bruinooge

Edy and Hans have known each other for a while now, and in the past year, their history was marked by a new endeavor: ibanXS. Their story is one of courage and forward-thinking, and it is the story of the company they set out to build, together. And who better to tell this story than

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